The pain life and why I live it.

This page is going to be about my pain and why I am in pain. It might prove to be quite long but I'll trim out what I can. Just so you have a little detail about my pain I'll give you this till I can get more written down. Just over 5 years ago, I was walking out of my place of employment to my car to go home for the day, a foot or so from my car I felt my back give out. It was like someone pulled me in half and it really didn't hurt as much as it felt numb. The next day was another story all together. The pain was so bad I had to roll out of my house to the car to have my wife drive me to the hospital to see what was going on with my back. After only 10 min or so their I was getting an ex-ray and cat scan. The following day I had an appointment to see a neurosurgeon, it was setup by the staff. They told me nothing other than go see this guy. Well more to come on that latter but for now, I was told by the neurosurgeon that my L5 S1 disk had herniated and was collapsing into my spinal cord. More to come when I get the chance to write more.