P3D, FSX, and X-Plane

We post news and other such articles as they come up. The focus will be on new products, product updates, and I may try my hand at reviews. Hope this helps some of you. I do this for my own entertainment so I hope you will find it useful.
A2A has released their Connie L049 Constellation. *2016-12-24 First news of the week is the Carenado release of their PA46 500TP for FSX/P3D. Alabeo has released their C441 Conquest II. P3D has updated their product once again, this time its a free update. *2016-11-07 AS2016 form HiFisimtech has updated as of *2016-11-11. On the downloads page. Or you can just start the program and follow the prompts. Alabeo has a new aircraft out and this time it's a C441 Conquest II FSX/P3D X-Plane 11 is ready to buy. In the USA it's $59.99. I don't know why they could not just make it $60 and be done with it. Anyway here is the link for you. Buy X-Plane 11
Note *= international date and time. Year/month/day
Flight Rules for an emergency. We lost a great pilot "Bob Hoover" October 25 2016.

I'm getting sick of but hurt mac users telling everyone that if they can't have something, than no one can have it. This is in response to the X-Plane Reality XP GTN750.