P3D, FSX, and X-Plane

Updating on a regular basis now. This site may be moving to a new location in the coming weeks. (2018-02-24) We post news and other such articles as they come up. The focus will be on new products, product updates, and I may try my hand at reviews. Hope this helps some of you. I do this for my own entertainment so I hope you will find it useful.
FSX - P3D A2A No news, Connie L049 Constellation. *2016-12-24 First news of the week is the release of Carenado's F50 for FSX/P3D. Alabeo has released their M20R. Placeholder for HiFisimtech ActiveSky page.

X Plane
This is the start of the x plane section of this page.
I am now in testing the layout out.
Placeholder for X-Plane. Buy X-Plane 11
The only place I buy x plane Software from. store.x-plane.org

Note *= international date and time. Year/month/day
Flight Rules for an emergency. We lost a great pilot "Bob Hoover" October 25 2016.