Arma servers and mods.

We will bring back ARMA games this year. We hope to have a Exile server up and running shortly. It will be private but I will post the password here. Right now we have a few mods running on it and all seam to be working but I need to do more testing before we get more people on the server. AI are abound along with missions that can require a few players to accomplish. You will run into random patrols, some bad, some friendly. Killing the friendly ones will get you into trouble. The number one point I must make is that they will steal your car. All AI are thieves so lock your car and loot fast as they try to get the loot for them self. For voice see our voice page at the bottom of the list on the left. We are in need of a few testers to help us, uhh, test the server, send me an email and I'll lode you out to get you started and playing on a really hard server. The password for now is 123, don't mess with what is not yours. Added a new mod to the server and you can download it from the list to the left. Moved to the Tanoa map today.