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Welcome! This page is set to be released latter this month, this month being December. You will find out about us in the coming month, I'm a little behind right now but I'm working on it. For now, if you would like, email us or jump on one of our voice servers and ask us. We would be glad to have you in our group of gamers. We are rebuilding the team right now so all are welcome to come by and say hi or just hang out. Have a game you play? Have a small group of people that play the same game as you but need a place to hang out or chat? Use our voice server and have fun. If you would like a page for your group I can set you up with one and if I trust you I will give you access to the ftp server for your page and your page only. No large file sharing and I will check your files to make sure they are legal, I hope you can see why I need to do this periodically. After all I don't know you and I'm offering you this for free.