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Best quoit ever! Simon Ramo, ...now that we know the thing can fly, all we have to do is improve it's range a bit. He said that after a missile rose 6 inches before exploding. Simon Ramo was the father of the ICBM missiles.
I'm really sorry but my medical problem has worsen to the point that my leg has turned purple, I'll get back to the site as I can. I hope this is not the end. If you can't tell I just play around with web languages, my news is accurate though. Big changes are coming to the site, I'm going to drop the personal stuff from this main site and put it where it needs to be, a personal site. Can we all get behind the movement to stop the media from using click bait please. This site is dedicated to 3 Russian's, Valeri Bezpalov, Alexie Ananenko, and Boris Baranov. Yes, I am an American but look at what they accomplished and why. Chernobyl Barnacules Is a YouTuber that started a folding at home (FAH) group to help cancer, stop by and do what you can. Join his team and learn about the project from Stanford Uni, It's a great way to help out with cancer. If your a gear head you might like Finnegan's Garage on youtube. A Link is also on the left in the list. He is an editor and a host on this channel as well. Motor Trend Channel over on YouTube. I am disabled and have to live with the pain you get when you sit on your foot and it goes to sleep. When you stand up and the pins and needles feeling hit you is what I have 24-7 in the lower half of my body. This is why I use this as a distraction, It can get hard learning something new as most people know. I add things to the back ground that you can't see by just looking at this page. I use java, C#, less, and other things to make it hard to occupy my brain. so you see, it's like a drug to me. It really helps to ease the pain but it does not stop it. If you live like this, give something like this a try. Find something you have always wanted to try and give it a go, harder the better. the constant prescription pill regiment helps but not enough so now you get to see this page. I have a pill regiment that rivals Keith Richards. Rock on and check back soon for more details of games and game news for the ones we play. I need to drop a plug for some folks who fixed me up with something to help with the pain Jet Brains. Thank you. I use their product PHPStorm and it has everything I need and it's easy to setup as well. Give it a try for 30 days free. The pain life on it's own page when I have the time to make it or update it, I don't do that often. I just watched a really great video about a man and his boat. The link is on the left. Deja boob is when you know you've seen that woman before. My wife told me that one. Never pass up a chance to be with one of your kids. Never! If you do you only have yourself to blame for what they will do. Kids will make problems for you, it's how you work them out that makes you a good parent or a bad one. Be careful. Every chance you get in life to be with your kids, take it, it matters to them. Include your spouse if possible. Book of Job, thank God every day for what you have, you never know when you will lose it. Trust and you may get it back. We lost a great pilot "Bob Hoover" October 25 2016.
If your interested I have a page setup just for one twitch streamer, he's clean and has very good rules in place. His name is Paul but goes by Squirrel on twitch. If he's live his stream will appear on this page, you should of course go to his twitch page and give him support if you like what he does. I'll soon be setting up different pages of streamers I thank you might enjoy, but for now Paul is all I'm putting up until I get things figured out with the twitch API.
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