The reason it's called the minority report is for the few people who read this page. We host voices server's for you to use, we also post random quotes here on occasion. I have a blog site up now to keep people informed on the videos and streams we will have. Blog This is the new page for the time being. I will be making a new site as time allows. As soon as I can find something to do with this page I will do it. I am also accepting recommendations on what you would like to see. Our voice servers and their info can be found at A few friends and I recently started playing Tom Clancy's the Division and I may make this page for that game. Also, I'm just going to put this out there. Spy Hunter 4 is a good program. It has saved me a lot of trouble. is a site that I'm trying to log my web progress to. It's not updated that often. is yet another site of ours dedicated to Guild Wars 2. squirrel is a YouTube and twitch personality, That's a link to his twitch page.

If your into coding PHP, HTML, and the ilk why not try phpstorm by jetbrains. Most, if not all of their programs come with a 30 day free trial so you have nothing to lose.

Why do cheating people get so mad at the person they have cheated on? It is not noble, or to be apotheosized to kill someone; it is also, not so in order to save a populous, but some times necessary no matter how repugnant or grotesque to do so to save so many more. The best war to have, if war cannot be avoided, is a war of words so that life can be preserved. The ultimate ignorance of man is to start a war for a humanitarian purpose. The ultimate act of laziness is to live life without using your brain to make your life easier. What is life? Life is knowing we are all on the same bus going to the same place but not knowing the intended destination of the driver or who the driver is. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, your just an ass.
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